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I’m so beyond thrilled to share with you that my new website has launched, and she’s beautiful! 🙂

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The Secrets of The Pelvic Floor: 5 Experts Talk Anatomy, Sex, Finances & Empowerment

One day, I had a thought, “I know how important it is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to support the bladder to prevent incontinence, to support the low back and alleviate back aches, and to prevent anything worse, such as uterine, bladder, and rectal prolapse, BUT what if we looked at the energetic side of the pelvis? What other amazing magical mysteries does the pelvis hold?”

The pelvis is home to two energy chakras: The Root Chakra and The Sacral Chakra. I was so curious about the potential of this energy being affected during, say pregnancy or childbirth, even a cesarean section surgery, that I decided to research it further.

If you’re not familiar with chakras and all the magic that they hold, here’s a brief description of the two pelvic chakras.

THE FIRST CHAKRA (Root Chakra) is found at the base of your spine. This is your foundation. The basic issues associated with the root chakra are instinct, safety, survival, grounding, family, security, boundaries, and new beginnings. The body parts associated with the root chakra are coccyx, anus, large intestine, adrenal glands, back, leg, feet and bones.

THE SECOND CHAKRA (Sacral Chakra) represents your sexuality, creativity, finances, personal power, relationships, sensuality, and pleasure. Organs associated with the Second Chakra include uterus, ovaries, vagina, cervix, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, appendix, and bladder. Spiritual and emotional issues that can block energy in the Second Chakra are balancing your drives toward sex, money, and relationships; co-creating with others; defining boundaries; and struggling with when to give and take and when to be assertive and passive. Physical dysfunctions that can occur are: lower back pain, sexual impotency, urinary problems, and appendicitis.

Did you know all of that?? I didn’t either!

When I posed my question to an online forum, I received some amazing responses by experts in their respective field. So, I interviewed a few of them because I figured if I was so intrigued by it, maybe others would be, too!

So here we go! I interviewed four really talented, loving, amazing goddess women; there were a couple of times that I was so blown away by what they were throwing down… I was speechless. You’ll see what I mean.

After discovering how much more magic the pelvis holds, I’ve focused my work on helping postpartum moms. Giving birth or having a caesarean section can really take a toll on the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and the energy in these areas. Without proper healing, we’re talking more than physical pain, and that’s not okay with me.

Sign up below to be blown away by what these fabulous women have to share with you.


Natalie Garay is a Master Certified Pilates Educator, the creator of an online Pilates studio, and founder of Pilates With Soul, a humanitarian program designed to empower women of Haiti by giving them an income generating trade. She holds a B.A. in Dance from UCSB, she spent several years working alongside Doctors of Physical Therapy assisting in their patients’ post-operative care. In the ten years she’s been teaching, she’s worked with a wide range of clients from the professional athlete, to the chronically ill, to postpartum moms. She believes that moving your body is the key to tapping your joy, your creativity, and your true loving and giving nature. She credits Pilates for keeping her strong and sane after having two caesarean section surgeries and three daughters. Her passion is helping women fully recover and rehabilitate after childbirth with Pilates and movement.
To learn more about Natalie, you can find her on

photoshoot 3Bari Tessler, M.A., is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach, Mama-preneur, and the Founder of The Art of Money. She has guided thousands of people to new, empowered, and refreshingly honest relationships with money through her nurturing, body-centered approach. Bari earned a Masters in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University and worked in body-centered therapy for over a decade before unexpectedly falling in love with bookkeeping systems and money work. Her unique methodology integrates these two worlds into deep money healing that honors all the facets of our money relationships: body to spirit, lineage to career, smart practices to deep visioning, and much more. She is currently leading a global conscious money movement via her year-long program, The Art of Money, which weaves together personal, couple and entrepreneurial money teachings. To learn more about Bari and enjoy her: Pocket Map for Your Money Road Trip: A 7 day journey into The Art of Money Method:

Carolyn smiling 2Carolyn Messere is a practicing physician with an MD and board certification in both General Surgery and Colon and Rectal Surgery. Her background in surgery includes a deep understanding of physiology and anatomy of the body, including experience with chronic rectal pain, pelvic floor disorders, and incontinence. She also has extensive training in meditation, Buddhist philosophy, Reiki, and energy healing. Other ongoing training includes functional medicine and nutrition with an emphasis on detoxification, Peruvian shamanism, aromatherapy, and Light Body meditation. She is a certified Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach, as well. Oh, and an Instigator. You can find her here: Also, coming soon:

allietheiss (2)Allie Theiss is a psychic sex coach living in the heart of Amish Hell. She is a holistic sex coach & kick-ass intuitive who infuses soul energy with sexuality while merging woo with reality. Allie is the creator of Out of Body Ecstasy, Energy 180, and Energy Blending. Allie’s podcast “Ask Allie” has sat on top of ITunes Spirituality’s “What’s Hot” for the last 11 years. She’s authored 4 books on Gypsy Magic, 1 on Out of Body Ecstasy, and an upcoming book on soul mates, and their connections called Soulful Connections. To connect to Allie, visit her web site at:




Lynayn Mielke is a transformational Guide and Lifestyle Alchemist, working with women who crave extraordinary living but are feeling sidelined in their lives. She works one-on-one with clients utilizing all of her training and resources to design a life that they are excited to live every day, and the actionable steps to achieve it. Lynayn has degrees in Biological Psychology and Acupuncture, as well as certification and training in meditation, mindfulness practices, nutrition and tea. Lynayn has always had a keen interest in personal development and loves to share her insights from her own personal life experiences. She loves travel, adventure, tea, laughing and staying curious about everything in life. She lives in Annapolis Maryland, and when not traveling, can usually be found on her deck with a cup of tea, and a book, planning her next adventure.


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The New Mama Body Reset

That’s right, vaginas and abs. These areas hold to key to a happy, healthy and dry life. (if you know what I mean, mama)

I’ve compiled the greatest little package for you to kickstart your movement practice. I believe that moving your body is the key to your happiness, and rebuilding your strength is the key to holding things together.

And all of that tied up with a pretty blue or pink bow means that you’re more free, strong and energized to take care of your new little bundle. And guess what! It’s only $11!


I’m a bit of an anatomy geek and I love educating women about their body, how it works and what’s holding what in place. SO, you’ll be receiving a fact and anatomy filled PDF with all kinds of goodies that you may or may not want to know about your body after baby. Don’t worry, it’s all good stuff.

I’ve also created a great video for you that teaches you the basics of Pilates and takes you through some great exercises that will help you get back in touch with your abdominals. Whether you’ve had a caesarean or a vaginal delivery, your abs probably aren’t what they used to be, so reconnecting is important.

Along with that, you’ll receive a wonderful interview I recently recorded with my friend, and former client and employer, Dr. Natalie Sampson, DPT. Dr. Natalie and I talked anatomy, and how to rebuild after baby. (of course!) She’s a wealth of information, you’ll love this interview!



And a BONUS! You’ll also receive a second video for when you’re ready to kick it up a notch!

So let’s break this down..

* A 15-minute Pilates Basics Video (you’ll feel it, don’t worry)

* An informative & anatomy clad PDF

* A 45-minute recorded workshop by Dr. Natalie Sampson, DPT (we get into some good stuff)

*A BONUS Pilates video to kick things into high gear

All of these goodies will trickle into your inbox in the next few days starting with today so that you can get your body moving!

Sign up here!


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{Mamas Healing Mamas} Andrea Palencia: Yoga Therapist and creator of Inner Goddess Pregnancy Journey Programs

Hello Pilates loves,

Here is our final (for now!) interview for the {Mamas Healing Mamas} series. My hope for this series was to give you some really great tools, I hope you grabbed the goods!

It’s not too late to leave questions for any of these ladies. You can leave questions or comments on the blogs or contact them directly, they would love to hear from you!

hugs & kegels,

The Pilates Mama


Andrea Palencia: Yoga Therapist and creator of Inner Goddess Pregnancy Journey programs


Please share with us your magical healing powers!

I am a Yoga Therapist and passionately conscious Mama. I have created a journey class for pregnant women, that delves into the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of pregnancy through journey work and journaling, group activities, art projects, and therapeutic yoga.

The yoga aspect is the base of the program, and is so much more than what you may already know about yoga. You as a whole person and energetic being are taken into consideration. Through this program you are offered the opportunity to shift your life – past, present, and future.

Some of the potent tools that are used are meditations and visualization, breath work, specific questions that will bring what is ready to the surface, physical movement designed to connect you to your body and sacred feminine, and a special form in which to share and connect with other women. I also love to work one on one with women, as this gives the opportunity for deeper connection and specified support.

Yoga therapy really does look at all of you, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic, as well as the life that you have lived, both now and past cycles.


Tell us about your home team.

I am Mama to an amazing little Goddess, Aluna, who is just over 10 months as I write this. She is a Virgo and I feel that – so rooted in the physical and so connected to the world around her. My husband is from Colombia, so we balance each other out nicely. He is the typical vibrant latino man, and I love my quiet downtime and internal practices. It’s a challenge sometimes, but this is also what offers growth, and this is something I am continually searching for.

My greatest passion right now is my daughter, and being present to and conscious with her as she grows and changes. I truly believe that parenting with love and respect will change the future of the world.



Besides your work, what else are you passionate about?

I love love love to connect with people, and it lights me up more than anything to be able to support a friend (or anyone) in a moment of need. I love hugs, tea and chocolate, and writing in my journal. I really love to support anyone who is working in the field of conscious conception/fertility, conscious pregnancy, and conscious parenting. I am still working on building my circle, and I so look forward to supporting other women who are working in this way to connect with those who need the help. It is my dream to create a community of consciousness around these things. We as women, Goddesses, and Mother’s CAN change the world.


How do you take care of yourself? 

The most important thing for me is to get grounded into my body each day. As an airy Gemini, it is easy for me to disconnect, and getting down on my yoga mat is my way of reconnection. I love a yin style practice, slow and super connected into the feeling of what my body is experiencing – especially in my hips, where so much emotion is stored. It’s also important for me to take a bit of time each day for self inquiry – What is coming up for me? Where can I find more compassion? Where do I need more support or to speak my needs more?


Over the past few years I have also realized the importance of looking beautiful, which translates to feeling beautiful. I went through a few years of being a bit frumpy, and there is such a difference in putting on clothing that feels decadent and putting on a bit of essential oil or amber paste (my favourite) even if I am not going out that day. I have invested in a wardrobe that is a little more luxurious, and it is so worth it.


Anything I put on my body is natural and chemical free, and this makes all the difference for me. I feel great putting on lotion, washing my hair, and brushing my teeth each day knowing that my body is being honoured.


Lastly, I get my feet on the earth every single day. Bare feet to grass is the best energy recharge! And, a little dance move or hip shimmy is even better.

IMG_0051 - Version 2

Anything else you’d like to share about you, your business or otherwise? 

I’m really an introvert, so talking about myself is an ongoing challenge! I encourage any women out there, whether pregnant or not, whether a Mama or not, to reach out. Reaching out and receiving support is one of the most rewarding things, and it really empowers us as women to grow and work together. And, if you have given birth recently and are struggling in any way, know that you are not alone and that there is so much love and support surrounding you.


Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

“There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than the transformation in the way we raise our children.”   ~ Marianne Williamson

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom.”

~ Anais Nin


Where can we find you?



{Mamas Healing Mamas} Rachel Bailey: Parenting & Relationship Educator

Hello Pilates friends,

I’ve got more healing mamas for you! This week I’m thrilled to introduce you to Rachel Bailey. You’re going to love getting to know her. Please read, share with friends, and post your questions for Rachel below, she’ll get back to you ASAP.

Hugs & Kegels,
The Pilates Mama


 Rachel Bailey: Parenting & Relationship Educator

Please tell us about your magical healing powers.

I help parents feel better about the way they parent by teaching respect-based strategies for managing children’s frustrating behavior & strong emotions. I work with parents to bring more calm and connection into their homes so they can worry less about their kids and enjoy them more.

Tell us about your home team.

I have two fun-loving daughters (4 and 1 1/2) and an amazingly supportive husband. We live and love in Arcola, Virginia, a suburb of DC in Northern Virginia.


Besides your work, what else are you passionate about?

I am passionate about teaching the concepts of empathy and compassion to as many people — in as many ways — as possible. I think that if we can learn to be kind to ourselves and to others, and the world will be a different place.

How do you take care of yourself?

I take 10-minute self-care breaks where I do something that will FILL my energy bank! I also try to practice gratitude as much as possible.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your work?

I’d just love to be able to provide hope and tools for parents who are struggling. I want to teach them that it is possible to feel good about raising responsible, confident kids – even in today’s world!

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

“The way we speak to our children becomes their inner voice.”

Where can we find you?


The Entrepreneur Experience: My interview with Lane Kennedy Levy


Hello, Pilates family!

The tables were turned and I was interviewed by the talented, funny and incredibly gorgeous Lane Kennedy Levy.

She’s on a mission, and she’s confident that women are the key to changing the world. I absolutely agree.

Take a listen, we talk about the up and downs of motherhood, online Pilates and mompreneurs creating some world changing magic.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave any questions or comments below!

hugs & Kegels,

The Pilates Mama

{Mamas Healing Mamas} FleschĂ© Hesch: The Business Advisor for Moms

Hello Pilates fam!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the amazing Flesche Hesch, The Business Advisor for moms.

I hope you enjoy learning more about her. Please leave your questions or comments for Flesche below and she will respond as soon as possible.

hugs & kegels,

The Pilates Mama



Flesché Hesch: The Business Advisor for Moms


Tell us about your magical healing powers.

I am a full-time Mama, and Business Advisor for Moms.

I bring my training as a Marriage & Family Therapist, Meditation Teacher, and Small Business Coach and Strategist together to create the most positive and empowering Coaching programs for Mom Entrepreneurs.

I help Mamas to break through their emotional blocks and apply my proven 7-step LEVERAGE business plan so they can truly enjoy motherhood & running their business with heart & soul.


Please tell us about your home team.

My husband, 2 year old and I live in San Francisco. We love playing at the park, eating delicious food and singing songs together. I am so blessed!


Besides your work, what else are you passionate about?

I am passionate about supporting Mamas to make contact with their hearts and their happiness. I volunteer with a mother’s group in San Francisco and I am honored to serve my community.


How do you take care of yourself?

Spa visits, looong chats with my besties, sleeping well, eating well, meditating, praying and gentle self-talk all help me as I strive to be a more patient, present & productive woman, mama & entrepreneur.

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? 

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.

-Henry Ford


Where can we find you?


Downloadable videos rock!


As some of you may know, I offer live sessions via webcam, for those who love a great workout from the comfort of home. (and in their jammies)

Well, for those of you who would still like to workout in your pajamas but without anyone seeing you, you can now download videos and still workout from home.

I know! It’s the coolest.

No more gyms full of sweat and awful smells, clanking weights, grunting dudes or ogling eyeballs.

Enjoy your workouts in peace and comfort.

Oh! And get this, they’re only $3.99 each!

Take a look here, download, pull on your stretchy pants and move your bod!


hugs & kegels,

The Pilates Mama

{Mamas Healing Mamas} Carla Golden: Happiness Facilitator

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I’m delighted to introduce you to Carla Golden this week!

I hope you’re enjoying these interviews as much as I am. Have a read and leave your questions and comments for Carla below, and she will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful week!

hugs & kegels,

The Pilates Mama


Carla Golden: Happiness Facilitator


Tell us about your magical healing powers:

Professionally I am a massage therapist and a spiritual nutritionist. In my massage practice I specialize in therapeutic essential oils. With food coaching I have online programs and 1:1 coaching to help others eat well to fuel their physical body, and nourish their spiritual body. I use a high-fruit and mega veggie approach, compassionate living (to people, animals, and planet) combined with energy medicine using the chakra system.


Please tell us about your home team:

Chad and I have been married for 13 years and share the parenting pleasure of raising our 12-year old daughter, Bella. We live in a small house on a small island off the coast of South Carolina with two cats and one territorial little dog.

 Besides your work, what else are you passionate about?

I am passionate about compassionate living: compassion for ourselves, others, animals, and the planet. I believe my work can help with personal transformation, human evolution, and global revolution. Food is so often seen as physical substance on a plate. I see a powerful tool for change because with every bite we take, we are telling the world what kind of world we wish to live in. 7 billion mouths eating daily is a loud statement about world affairs! I am also passionate about roller skating and want to open my own rink, I love to read, and am crazy about movies.


How do you take care of yourself?

Eating well is my work and my lifestyle. I teach what I do. Choosing pristine food for optimal fuel is what I do to stay well and beautiful. In the summer I love to swim laps, year around I love to run, and in the winter I do more yoga. Sleep is paramount and I make a point to get 8 hours most nights, if not more.


Anything else you’d like to share about your business or anything else?

I love life and I love spending it with my husband, daughter, and friends. Each day is truly a gift. I’m so excited that I’m only 44 and have at least 50 more years to do the work and live the life I love!!!


Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

Be patient for in time even grass becomes milk. Chinese proverb


Where can we find you?

Image 1

{Mamas Healing Mamas} Chara Armon: Mutual Flourishing Mentor

Hello, friends!

I’ve got another one for you! I’m having so much fun featuring these amazing women on the blog the last few weeks. I hope you’re enjoying them and picking up some great healing tools.

Meet Chara Armon, Mutual Flourishing Mentor. Read all about her and her healing work below, and feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have for her!

big love,

The Pilates Mama



Chara Armon: Mutual Flourishing Mentor


What are your magical healing powers?

I inspire women to see the connections between personal wellness and planetary wellness, between self-care and Earth-care.


Tell us about your home team.

I’m married to a loving scientist and we’re raising three gorgeous children who currently are 15, 12, and 8, along with a French Water Dog and an organic permaculture garden containing plants we love to tend.


Besides your work, what else are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about healing the human-Earth relationship through teaching, activism, and approaches such as permaculture, bio-dynamics, and the Transition movement. I love to be informed about the natural world and how we can repair it, as well as about women’s issues and natural family living. My past work has been as a scholar of history and religion and the human-Earth relationship over time, and those topics continue to be meaningful to me.


How do you take care of yourself?

This is an area where I am trying to grow. I do small bits of yoga and stretching daily, I study Eden Energy Medicine, I benefit from EFT, I’m very thoughtful about my diet, and I walk daily. I have been enjoying wearing more jewelry and feminine clothing and generally embracing my femininity somewhat more. I would like to exercise more and gain relief from some health challenges.


What else would you like to share about you, your work or anything?

I would love to be in contact with any other women, especially mommas, who are on the journey of recognizing and honoring the connections between our personal wellness and the health and stability of the natural world. 

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

“Perhaps the most valuable heritage we can provide for future generations is some sense of the Great Work that is before them of moving the human project from its devastating exploitation to a benight presence [on the Earth].” Thomas Berry


Where can we find you?